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(Lenny Face) by OtakuSauridae
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(Lenny Face) :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 0 0
Akame and non-descript Dromaeosaur. by OtakuSauridae Akame and non-descript Dromaeosaur. :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 4 0 Polar Wyvern. by OtakuSauridae Polar Wyvern. :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 4 0 Second best Akame art WIP by OtakuSauridae Second best Akame art WIP :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 2 9 Bad Fox. (Shelter 2) by OtakuSauridae Bad Fox. (Shelter 2) :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 1 0 Finished product. by OtakuSauridae Finished product. :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 4 0 New YouTube channel art colored. by OtakuSauridae New YouTube channel art colored. :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 2 0 New YouTube channel art. Uncolored. by OtakuSauridae New YouTube channel art. Uncolored. :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 1 0 Diabloceratops death stare. by OtakuSauridae Diabloceratops death stare. :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 0 0 Anshoo, the God of Hell Creek. by OtakuSauridae Anshoo, the God of Hell Creek. :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 4 1 Livyatan quickie. by OtakuSauridae Livyatan quickie. :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 4 3 Dinosaurs deserve freedom too! by OtakuSauridae Dinosaurs deserve freedom too! :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 2 1 Akame and the Inostrancevia by OtakuSauridae Akame and the Inostrancevia :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 2 1 Pachyrhinosaurus by OtakuSauridae Pachyrhinosaurus :iconotakusauridae:OtakuSauridae 2 7


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Akame and non-descript Dromaeosaur.
Soooo I forgot to upload this. And thanks to a poll by LeviaDraconia asking what deviation (Because i'm a noob I don't know what that is and i'm just assuming deviations are our artwork) we're most proud of I remembered to finally upload this three or four month old artwork.

Anyway this is by far the best anime style person I've ever drawn, if not the second best, maybe even tied with the old hand drawn photo of Akame I drew a year ago. And keeping the trend from the last photo she is again paired with a pretty big fluffy prehistoric animal. But instead of a furry Lizard mammal it's now a fluffy lizard bird, to be more precise a Dromaeosaur of some sort, lets just say Utahraptor or Dakotaraptor. Either way it's a big ass raptor paired with the best female character from Akame ga Kil. Totally not biased at all.
Polar Wyvern.
Polar Wyvern finished.

There are still stuff I need to fill in but they're so miniscule that it might aswell be done.

And yes I know it doesn't look "Badass", but you know the way I draw any kind of animal fictional or not, if not then when I draw Dragons, Wyverns, Sea Monsters (Why does every fictional animal have to have the cliché monster title?) etc. I draw them as natural as possible

Anyway with that said the Polar Wyvern or Deity Penguin is the new largest species of Penguin that has evolved to be even more seagoing than it's semi aquatic counterparts due to the increasing speed of which it's Antarctic (There is an arctic species that i'll delve into later) home is melting away. This new species is massive, easily matching and even exceeding the length of it's Cetecean competition. It has a diet of mostly fish and squid but with it's size it has been recorded hunting Orca Calves and Seal pups. On land it is pretty much an avian seal, With it's newly evolved aquatic lifestyle it's feet are slowly vanishing. But like it's semi aquatic counterparts it still needs to Lay eggs and take care of it's young on land. (A bit more on that when I cover the ontogeny) The two claws on each flipper are used to cling onto a partner during underwater mating. Being as sharp as they are they can cause some quite nasty injuries on females sometimes killing them with infection. Both males and females have them but males have much longer spurs than females for the before mentioned reason. They are not used for offensive or defensive countermeasures however, the way they are positioned an due to their fragile nature if used in such a way limits them from protecting them, their speed is their only way out of a dangerous situation with an angry bull Orca.

I'll come up with more information as I move along, sorry if the grammar is kind of shit. I'm typing with a headache and it's pretty distracting.

Sorry for not uploading in absolute ages.
Second best Akame art WIP
This was the first time attempting drawing her digitally, so it took me a veeeeeeery long time to get her head finished and colored. Obviously as you could probably tell it's not finished and like last time she'll have an extinct buddy with her. I'm in the process of a move so it will probably remain WIP until i settle into my new home in the far north of the United States.
Bad Fox. (Shelter 2)
You don't know true terror until one of these little bushy tailed bastards tries to kill one of your cubs. Don't get me wrong i love foxes, and hated killing it. But when a predator comes after your young even if said young are just pixels on a screen, maternal instincts you didn't know you had kick into overdrive and all you can see is red. The sight of the jaws of death running away with one of your cubs as it's blood curdling screams of pain and pure fear pierce through the air definitely fuel the overwhelming urge to protect life. Once again, even if said life is nothing more than pixels on a screen... Am i taking these animal sims too seriously? 


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United States
As the name states i love anything to anime related stuff and prehistory related stuff. and that's what i intend to draw. Unfortunately i'm not the best artist out there and i don't color my stuff so if that my bother you i'm sorry but you'll have to bare with me.


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